Our assistants

The Hypermedia Language Centre coordinates an optional module entitled ’UE46 TEFL/TESOL Work Experience’. This optional course is open to native English speaking students who attend Université Blaise Pascal as foreign/ERASMUS students.

Students on the TEFL work experience course observe the full-time qualified teaching staff and act as language assistants, leading discussion and role play groups and listening to, guiding, correcting and helping grade the students in all their activities on and off the computer. They act as part of a team together with their supervisors.

Students following the optional module are awarded 5 ECTS credits. Marks are attributed for the students’ practical work experience and for a written component. This component comprises of a reflexive report for students staying one semester, or, for students staying two semesters, a work-experience report which links their practical teaching experience to language learning/teaching issues discussed in research literature.

This semester, nine Erasmus students are carrying out a work placement overseen by Emily Butler.

- For more information, contact Emily BUTLER : Emily.BUTLER@univ-bpclermont.fr