Our staff

Emily BUTLER, Head of the Hypermedia Language Centre

Emily is a tenured lecturer (professeure agrégée) in Translation and English Literature. She read German, English literature and anthropology (NAS) with a minor in teaching French as a foreign language.

She started teaching as a Teaching Assistant at the university of Oklahoma before going on to teach English and French as a foreign language in a European highschool and language schools in Germany. Emily then worked as a translator-interpreter for Airbus for 7 years, specializing in Simplified Technical English (STE) and aeronautics. She has since been working as a freelance translator-interpreter and is also court-approved (interprète-traductrice assermentée). Her research interests focus on comparative stylistics, comparative literature and translation studies. She is a member of the research team TRACT (Translation and Transcultural Communication) at the university Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, in Paris.

Within the framework of the Hypermedia Language Centre, Emily teaches BA and MA students, coordinating the BA, Master 1, Master 2 business courses. Emily also oversees the optional TEFL work experience course for Erasmus students, recruits and trains the ’lab assistants’ as well as the Language Center teaching assistants. She trains new members of the team and oversees the pedagogical content of the courses taught by the team. She also teaches the undergraduate translation course, the postgraduate interpreting course for the Intercultural Human Resources Master’s programme and mentors students carrying out internships. She is also the international relations Erasmus coordinator for Scandinavia, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Having grown up in Africa and the Middle East, she enthusiastically embraces other cultures and considers herself a citizen of the world.

- For more information, please contact Emily BUTLER : Emily.BUTLER@univ-bpclermont.fr

Ciara Wigham is a Senior Lecturer (MCF) in English and Applied Linguistics. She completed her undergraduate studies in Combined Arts (Linguistics, French, Italian) at Durham University before earning her MA in Education at The Open University. She was awarded her PhD in Applied Linguistics from the Université Clermont II in 2012. Ciara previously taught Business English at the Chamber of Commerce in Saint Omer before moving to Clermont-Ferrand where, between 2004 and 2013, she worked at the Hypermedia Language Centre. After three years working in Lyon, she rejoined Blaise Pascal University in 2016. Within the framework of the Hypermedia Language Centre, Ciara currently teaches the undergraduate Open Learning Project course as well as the spoken English course for first-year Master’s students. Ciara’s research focuses on the study of multimodal pedagogical interactions and the potential of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) for language learning and teaching. She is a member of the Laboratoire de Recherche sur le Langage.

Teaching Assistants/"lectrices"

Stacey comes from Kansas, where she graduated with a B.A. in gender studies from the University of Kansas in 2011. In 2014 she moved to Bordeaux and later Clermont-Ferrand, where she worked as a language assistant and vacataire at STAPS. She joined UBP in 2015 as a “lectrice” and is pursuing an M.A. in French Literature.

Rima comes from New York City. She received her BA in art history from Syracuse University and her MA in TESOL from Hunter College. She left New York for Marseille in 2013 to work as a language assistant then taught English to law, business, and social science students in Saint-Étienne for two years. She’s pleased to work with the students here in Clermont-Ferrand and to explore the Auvergne region.

Lab assistants

This semester, nine lab assistants from Ireland, Wales, and England have been recruited to carry out a work placement in the Hypermedia Language Center.


There will be a teaching assistant (’lecteur/lectrice’) vacancy for 2017-18. Please send your CV and cover letter in English to Emily Butler : Emily.BUTLER@univ-bpclermont.fr