What is the Hypermedia Language Centre ?

The aim of the Hypermedia Language Centre of the Faculty of Applied Languages, Business and Communication is to create an innovative language learning environment for our intermediate and advanced level students to increase their proficiency in spoken English. It is a multimedia language laboratory and its main objective has been to develop the concept of a communicative laboratory or learning space. This is supported by the use of digital technology for both oral comprehension and expression in order to enhance the overall learning experience of our students.

The Hypermedia Language Centre has won a European Award for Languages. This award is delivered nationally on behalf of the European Commission for innovative projects in the field of teaching and learning modern languages. Simply put, the concept claims to be a model for integrating multimedia into a communicative language teaching/learning strategy.

History of the lab

The John Fynn was assistant professor at UFR LACC until his retirement in 2010. He developed a "communicating lab" concept. He has also been behind the development of VoiceForum, a highly successful collaborative web-based e-learning platform for spoken interaction in a foreign language. Used extensively in the Hypermedia language centre, VoiceForum addresses the need for a pedagogical framework for the development of learners’ interactive skills. Adopting the principle of asynchronous oral interaction in a threaded discussion format, the software provides a dedicated unintrusive facility for teacher feedback.

For more information, please contact : Emily.BUTLER@univ-bpclermont.fr