Our Programmes

The Hypermedia Language Centre covers the Spoken, General and Business English courses for a variety of undergrapduate and postgraduate degree programmes in the faculty of Applied Languages, Commerce and Communication.

These programmes include :

  • Applied Foreign Languages undergraduate degree (BA/Licence),
  • Applied Foreign Languages Master’s degree (MA/Master 1 et 2),
  • International Exchanges undergraduate degree (BA/Licence),
  • International Commerce Master’s degree (Master 1 et 2).

For first and second year students of the Applied Foreign Languages degree who are bilingual from birth, who have spent a considerable amount of time in an English-speaking country (at least six months),- or who have an above average level of English for other reasons (e.g. attended an international high school), there is a spoken English course called the Open Learning Project (OLP). It is based on tandem sessions with students of French with native English speakers based in the Auvergne. Students carry out group project work on top of the tandem sessions. For example, in 2015-16, students subtitled the Ted ex Clermont talks in French and English and also carried out project work on the civil rights movement in the US which lead to an outing to watch the "Théâtre en anglais" performing a play on the life of MLK.

Students who follow this course can either follow both the regular LEA spoken English course or and the OLP course or can use their credits from the OLP course to validate their spoken English course. In the third year of study, OLP students are integrated into the regular LEA spoken English courses.

- For more information, please contact Emily BUTLER : Emily.BUTLER@univ-bpclermont.fr